VLB Berlin at the “Brewers Forum & 39th EBC Congress” in Lille 2024
VLB Berlin at the “Brewers Forum & 39th EBC Congress” in Lille 2024

Around 900 brewing experts from research, industry and associations from all over the world met at “The Brewers Forum & 39th EBC Congress”, which took place from May 26 to 30, 2024 in Lille, France. Over four days, this outstanding event offered a wide range of presentations, posters, tours and networking events.

VLB Berlin was also present with four posters, a presentation and a stand in the trade exhibition. The delegation from Berlin was completed by Prof. Brian Gibson's team from the Department of Brewing and Beverage Technology at TU Berlin.

The VLB presented the following scientific contributions:

  • „A comparison of two sample preparation methods for the solvent-free quantification of 4-Mercapto-4-methyl-2-pentanone in hops“
    Poster by Benjamin Palmer, Johanna Dennenlöhr, Sarah Thörner, Nils Rettberg
  • “Investigating factors impacting the (in)stability of 4-mercapto-4-methyl-2-pentanone during the storage of dry-hopped beer”
    Presentation by Nils Rettberg (Wed, 29.5., 14:00, Room 3.1)
  • „As much as necessary - as little as possible: About the storage stability of withered malt”
    Poster by Florian Schrickel, Nils Rettberg
  • "Comprehensive characterization of Altbier”
    Poster by Laura Knoke, Nils Rettberg
  • “A UPLC-QTOF method for the determination of ferulic acid dehydrodimers in wort and beer”
    Poster by Dulcie Thomson, Aneta Gierlińska, Laura Knoke, Nils Rettberg

“This year's EBC Congress with the Brewers Forum was again an excellent opportunity for us to exchange ideas with many partners, customers and friends. Lille was definitely worth the trip. We'll be back in 2026!” concludes VLB Managing Director Dr. Josef Fontaine.

Impressions from the conference