Beer analysis

Whether (non-alcoholic) beers, beer intermediates (wort), hops or filter aids, the VLB Berlin offers the appropriate analyzes for quality assurance in beer, hops and intermediate products of beer production.

Excerpt from our laboratory portfolio

Beer and filter aid analysis

  • Classic beer analysis: original wort, alcohol, bitterness units, foam etc. according to methods of MEBAK, EBC and ASBC
  • Elemental Analysis: Heavy metals, beer-soluble fractions of filter aids and trace analysis by ICP-MS
  • Aroma analysis: hop aroma components, fermentation by-products, sulfur compounds and aging carbonyls by GC
  • Faulty aroma analysis: Barrier testing of beverage packaging against volatile organic compounds (e.g., TCA)
  • Sensors: tasting according to 5-point scheme, triangular test, descriptive tasting
  • Turbidity identification: microscopy and particle measurement
  • Nutritional information: BIG7, vitamins
  • Certificate of marketability: analytics, microbiology, sensors and declaration testing
  • Sugar analysis: Sugar spectrum by HPLC and enzymatic
  • Isotonia by osmometer
  • and much more...

Analysis of hops and hop products

  • Analysis of bitter acids averages conductometry, spectroscopy or HPLC
  • Total oil determination and analysis of individual flavor components by GC and GC-MS
  • Analysis of polyphenols, xanthohumol, nitrates, heavy metals





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