Services for the soft drink and non-alcoholic beverage industry
Services for the soft drink and non-alcoholic beverage industry
Analytical services for soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and water
  • Testing of quality properties: Degrees Brix (sugar content), colours, vitamins, ions, organic acids, sugar spectrum, ethanol (down to trace analysis), caffeine, taurine, gluconic acid and others, non-alcoholic beers
  • Residue analysis: heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, organic compounds (acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and others)
  • Testing of packaging
  • Miscellaneous test: Oxygen sensitivity of beverages, assessment of flavours (natural, artificial, fermented), microbiological stability, species-specific identification of beverage-spoiling microorganisms
Water and waste water treatment
  • Water purification: Removal of ferric and manganese, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, disinfection
  • Water management: Saving, recycling
  • Water quality: Assessment of drinking water, brewing and process water
  • Waste water treatment: Aerobe and anaerobe treatment, engineering and optimisation of waste water treatment plants, troubleshooting
Technological consulting for the beverage industry
  • Filling lines: Performance testing, optimisation, failure detection by means of special equipment (high-speed camera, endoscopic analysis, „Tank-o-Scope“), evaluation/optimisation of cold aseptic filling lines, expert opinions, water & energy management in filling and packaging lines and more
  • Cleaning & disinfection / Hygienic design: Development and evaluation of cleaning strategies in bottling lines, microbiological tests, efficiency tests on disinfections agents and preservatives, spraying shadow tests
  • Product and process development: Sensory evaluation / chemical properties, non-alcoholic beers, fermented non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, pure yeast cultures and mixed cultures for non-alcoholic beverage production, adjusting of stability and shelf-life in natural cloudy
Laboratory equipment / Total laboratory solutions
  • Qur VLB-LaboTech GmbH is an 100 % subsidiary of VLB Berlin. It offers experience and assistance in all questions concerning laboratory equipment.
In-house training courses
  • Tailor-made on-site training programmes on different levels on demand (for production and plant managers, shift supervisors, staff from quality control and others)


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