Micro Malting in Practice
Micro Malting in Practice

Course outline
“Micro Malting in Practice” is an 8-day hands-on course providing up-to-date knowledge in the field of malting. It covers the basics of malting technology in theory and practice. The lectures will cover topics such as malting barley and other relevant cereals (botanics, quality, varieties, enzymes a.o.), malting technology (steeping, germination, kilning, special aspects of small-scale malting, equipment) and practical laboratory work (barley and malt analysis, interpretation and assessment of different quality parameters).
In addition, the participants will conduct and accompany a complete malting batch in our pilot malting.
The language is English. You can expect an intensive training with maximum benefit.

The following topics will be covered:

    1. Practical malting at the VLB pilot malting plant
    2. Barley and other brewing cereals
      World barley trade / growth regions
      Chemical composition / chemistry of sugars,
      proteins, glucans and other main components
      Evaluation of quality
      Malting barley varieties / breeding
      Pests and diseases / mycotoxins
    3. Malting technology
      Storage of barley and malt
      Steeping technology
      Germination technology
      Kilning technology
      Production of different malt types
      Production of special malts
      Influence of malt house equipment on malt quality / classical and modern malting systems
      Small scale malting and malting systems
      Characteristics and chemical composition of cereals used in brewing
      Equipment for micro maltings
    4. Practical laboratory work
      Barley analysis
      Malt specifications and malt analysis
      Assessment of quality parameters

      Who should attend
      The course addresses persons who have a professional interest in craft brewing and malting. We strongly recommend some basic experience and knowledge in beer brewing.

      The lectures will be held at the VLB Berlin. Our institute is located in the heart of Berlin – the German capital. In addition to our training programme, Berlin is also a top-destination for sight-seeing and extra-curricular activities.

      Attendance Fee & Accommodation
      The fee for this 8-day course is € 1990 plus German VAT, including all course materials. The fee may be paid by bank transfer, credit card or check.
      Your accommodation in Berlin has to be booked separately. Depending on your requirements we can arrange hotel accommodation in different categories.