Production Technology
Production Technology
  • Performance Review (according to DIN / individualized)
  • Acquisition of operational statuses and operating numbers
  • Optimisation of production processes:
    efficiency / quality / product specific influences / sustainability
  • Consulting and trouble shooting
  • Hygiene audits / hygienic design auditing:
    cleanability / cleaning behaviours / pasteurisation / sustainability / practical relevance
  • Monitoring / evaluation with special equipment:
    endoscope / Tank-O-Scope (visual inspection also of hard to reach inner surfaces, e.g. tanks) / high-speed camera / thermal camera / acoustic camera / T, p-logger
  • Correlation with specialised laboratory analytics
  • VLB Engineering Check
    (Planning and support fornew investments /Factory acceptance tests at suppliers site or site acceptance tests at your plant /Support of commissioning / Efficiency tests according DIN or own specifications / Conference calls via phone, or at your site)