Brewing in a Nutshell

Since February 2022 available as online seminar!

Course outline
“Brewing in a Nutshell” is a 2-day residential course providing the basics of beer brewing. It covers the general principals of the brewing and malting processes, the raw materials and filling and packaging in theory. A professional beer tasting of several different beer types completes the program. The course language is English.

Who should attend?
The course is aimed at people who do not have specific brewing training, but who nevertheless have to deal professionally with the product beer. They can include employees from sales, marketing, administration, purchasing from breweries, maltings, the supply industry or from associations, who needs to have a general insight into the ”secrets“ of beer brewing.
We are careful to point out that this course is not addressed at home or pub brewers!

Attendance fee & accommodation
The fee for the 2-day residential course is 960 Euro plus German VAT (25 % discount for VLB members).
The fee includes all course materials, lunch and refreshments during the breaks on both days.
Accommodation is not included in the participation fee and has to be booked separately. Please contact us for support.

“Brewing in a Nutshell” will take place in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Course topics 1st day

  • Raw materials for beer brewing
    The basic compunds: Barley, hops, water
    Malt production
    From grain to malt: steeping, germination, kilning
    Brewhouse work
  • From malt to beer wort:
    Milling of the malt (different types of milling)
    Mashing (different mashing procedures)
    Lautering (different types of lauter devices)
    Wort boiling (different cooking systems, energy recovery)
    Wort cooling/hot trub separation
  • Beer quality
    Product evaluation: Beer types / off flavours / quality control / tasting

Course topics 2nd day

  • Brewers’ best friend: The yeast
  • Fermentation (traditional fermentation vs. modern fermentation)
  • Filtration: Getting it bright and stable
    Kieselguhr filtration / membrane filtration / processes
  • Filling the beer
    Bottle filling (palettising, packer, bottle cleaning, inspection, filling, closing machine, labeling, other)
    Can filling
    Keg/cask filling
  • Energy supply
  • Cooling devices / compressed-air supply / CO2 recovery / steam supply