Certified Brewmaster Course
Certified Brewmaster Course

Course outline     
A six-month full-time programme providing in-depth understanding of brewing technology with its related major fields of engineering, filling/packaging and quality control. The course conveys all the knowledge necessary for the technical management of a brewery.  In addition a visit of VLB’s International Brewing- and Engineering Convention in March and a final excursion are included. The language is English.
To receive the VLB Brewmaster Certificate, the graduates have to finish the course and all exams successfully. In addition, they have to prove a minimum of 3 months practical work in a brewery before coming to the VLB.
A reasonable group size guarantees an intensive and individual teaching. Traditionally, the Berlin brewmaster education is focused on a comprehensive, practice-oriented knowledge transfer and on a critical and open dialog with the lecturers.

Who should attend?
The course addresses to persons who desire professional qualification in brewing technology, either to enter the brewing industry or to advance within it. Therefore practical brewing experience of at least three months is obligatory.
Because of its international reputation, many participants from overseas attend the course, so that many business and private contacts can be established. The opportunities of VLB Brewmaster courses are frequently considered as a technical supplementary study for brewery employees and regarded a stepping stone towards a promising career.

All lectures will be held at VLB Berlin. Our institute is located in the heart of Berlin – the German capital. In addition to our training programme, Berlin is also a top-destination for sight-seeing, entertainment and other extra-curricular activities.

Course topics
The Certified Brewmaster Course covers practice-oriented and up-to-date knowledge in the following fields:

  • Raw Materials / Malting
    Barley, hops, water, adjuncts, malt production, special malt
  • Brewhouse, Fermentation & Maturation
    Wort production, cooling, pure yeast propagation, fermentation, maturation
  • Filtration, Pasteurisation, Filling and Cleaning & Disinfection
    Filtration, stabilisation, carbonisation, filling in bottles / kegs / cans, cleaning & disinfection, hygiene

Each week contains about 30 lessons of lectures plus practical work. All important topic-related technology, engineering and quality aspects will be discussed. The latest knowledge from brewery practice and science is transferred.
Other interesting events for the students are an excursion to German breweries, maltings and suppliers. Practical work in our pilot maltings, in VLB’s pilot brewery as well as laboratory work are other important parts of the course.
Each thematic block ends with a written and oral examination. In addition, each participant has to prove a minimum of three months of practical experience in a brewery upon registration to receive the VLB Brewmaster Certificate.

Attendance fee & accommodation     
The fee for this six-month course is € 17,500. In the course fee all course materials are included.
Your accommodation in Berlin has to be booked separately. Depending on your requirements we can assist you in this matter. A non-refundable deposit of € 2,500 is due at the time of acceptance to the programme. The total balance is due by 8 November 2019 at the latest. The fee may be paid by bank transfer, credit card or check.

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. Since the number of participants is limited and the course is in great demand, an early registration is highly recommended.