Brewing Technology
Brewing Technology

Customised advice on urgent technological problems and qualified support by our experts on-site:

  • Audit of the technological operations flow as well as the chemical-technical quality control system in the brewery
  • Microbiological audit (e.g. graduated monitoring, laboratory methods)
  • Yeast management / optimisation of fermentation control
  • Identification of turbidity / particles in beer and their technological assignment in the brewery
  • Microbiological assessment of production plants and audit of the CIP regimes
  • Advice on optimisation of extract loss from the brewhouse to the filling
  • Processing of technological industrial projects in our laboratories, pilot plants and the in-house pilot brewery
  • Assistance for the development of beers and production processes as well as their implementation in the brewery
  • Application-orientated research, public funded as well as in the form of industrial projects
  • Organisation and execution of customised training courses (seminars take place at the VLB Berlin or as in-house seminar on-site)