Filling and Packaging Technology
Filling and Packaging Technology
  • Technical approvals of filling lines or single units according to DIN EN 415-11 :2021-12
  • Audits of filling lines or single units
  • Validation of ACF and UCF units, KZE, filler hygiene systems (spray masking tests and microbiological validation) etc.
  • Performance record of empty bottle inspection machines and preparation of test bottle batches with defined defects
  • Broken glass analysis and reconstruction of burst glass bottles (internal pressure break or punch break)
  • Analysis of fast running machines and processes (e.g. filling, closing and labelling machines) by high-speed camera
  • Courses on subjects of the filling technology (in-house or at the VLB Berlin)
  • Cleaning tests with a single-end bottle cleaning machine on the pilot plant scale
  • Determination of the oxygen absorption with the filling
  • Simulation and documentation of bottle burst occurrences during the filling
  • Control of the inside wall of ZKTs by Tank-O-Skop
  • Loop tests with glass bottles
  • Video endoscopy up to 20 m length of pipe
  • Source of noise localisation by acoustic camera