Testing of Packaging
Testing of Packaging

For more than 40 years the VLB conducts its Testing Laboratory for Packaging. This lab is specialised on testing of packaging and means of packaging for the beverage industry. Whether glass or plastic bottles, crown corks, screw caps, crates, cans, secondary packaging – our Testing Laboratory for Packaging can assist you with nearly every problem.
Recently new tests for plastic bottles (PET/PEN) have been established.

Our testing and service program covers

  • Plastic bottles: Testing of gas permeation through bottles and closures, testing of preforms, detection of acetaldehyde
  • Cans: General quality tests (dimensions, metal thickness, capacity), resistance to vertical load
  • Crates: Compression tests, testing of soft-touch handles and inmould labels
  • Secondary packaging: Testing of corrugated board trays, six packs
  • Labels: Evaluation of paper and printing quality, ultrasonic tests
  • Testing of adhesives
  • Making of stencils for fill height inspection

All analyses are performed in laboratories which meet the demands of the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for the test procedures listed in the annex to the accreditation certificate.

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