Online Seminar: Brewing in a Nutshell
Seminar: Brewing in a Nutshell - Online


Brewing Course Outline

“Brewing in a Nutshell – Online” is a 100 % online course providing detailed basic knowledge of beer brewing. It covers the general principals of the brewing and malting processes, the raw materials and filling as well as packaging in theory.
The course consists of eight thematic learning units made up of seven and a half hours of high-quality video lectures held by our VLB instructors. The working time for the course is about 9 hours. On top, there are illustrated informative texts, graphics, additional material and more than 100 topic-related questions that the participant has to answer. The course language is English.

For detailed information about the content and lecturers, download the course brochure.

Brewing Course Concept

The course is based on our German and English in-person course, which more than 1200 participants have successfully completed since 1996. The total study time takes about eight to nine hours. From the time of the first login at our e-learning plattform, the participant has 3 weeks in total to work on all eight learning units. In this way, each participant has the opportunity to determine his/her own learning times and speed. At the end of each subunit, the learning progress is revised in the form of a small topic-related test. The tests consist of multiple or single choice questions, drag & drop texts or open questions.  The course is successfully completed, when the participant has passed all learning modules.

elearning brewing in a nutshell

Who should attend "Brewing in a Nutshell - Online"?

This online course is aimed at people who do not need specific brewing training, but who have to deal professionally with the product beer.
This can include employees from sales, marketing, administration or others, working at breweries, maltings, the supply industry or at associations, who need to have general insight into the „secrets“ of beer brewing. But it is also suitable to provide a general overview of the complete process and technology of beer brewing. Please be aware that this course is not aimed at home brewers! Hands-on brewing or development of different kinds of beer styles are not part of this training.

Attendance Fee & Registration

The net fee for the course “Brewing in a Nutshell – Online“ is 390 € (plus tax depending on your residence). We grant a 10 % discount for VLB members. The fee includes the login for one person in a period of three weeks. In order to support your learning success, you can also download a handout (pdf) which includes the charts of all lectures.
If the course was completed successfully, the participant will receive a Certifi­cate of Attendance.

For companies and larger groups of participants we offer a corporate rate. Prices and conditions on request.

elearning brewing in a nutshell


Syllabus: Brewing in a Nutshell - Online
  • 1 Introduction:
    What is beer? / World beer market / History of beer production
  • 2 Raw materials for beer production:
    Barley and other cereals / Hops / Water /  Yeast/ other ingredience and additives
  • 3 Malting – from grain to malt:
    Purpose & process / Malt types / Malt quality
  • 4 Wort production:
    Malt storage & milling / Mashing / Lautering / Wort boiling / Wort treatment
  • 5 Fermentation and maturation:
    Basics & biochemistry / Yeast management & propagation / Process & technology
  • 6 Filtration, stabilization & beer treatment:
    Beer filtration / Beer stabilization / Beer treatment
  • 7 Filling the Beer:
    Glass bottles / Cans and plastic bottles / Kegs
  • 8 Beer types, beer quality and dispensing systems:
    Beer quality / Dispensing systems / Basics of beer sensory / Characteristic beer styles
Information download

Information Brewing in a Nutshell - Online (PDF)

Concept, target groups and syllabus of this online course


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Ticket price: 390 € + 7 % VAT
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Ticket price: 390 € net
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