Raw materials
Raw materials (Barley, malt, cereals, hops)

VLB’s Research Institute for Raw Materials offers consulting and analyses on all questions related to raw materials for brewing purposes.

  • Development of agronomic techniques to maintain the quality of malting cereals and hops
  • Varietal testing and recommendations worldwide: Spring barley, winter barley, wheat and hops
  • Varietal identification of barley and malt in commercial samples using protein electrophoresis
  • Evaluation of the technical quality of cereals involving hand evaluation, grain analysis, micromaltings (50 gto 50 kg) and malt analysis
  • Examination of the hygienic status of malting cereals and malt – mould contamination, mycotoxins, gushing
  • Special analyses: DNA testing, PCR, Mycotoxine, Pesticides

VLB’s Research Institute for Raw Materials is a reference laboratory and a board of arbitration for the cereal trade in Germany.

All analyses are performed in laboratories which meet the demands of the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


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