Vereinigung ehem. VLBer - Brewers of Berlin

Founded in 1951

Chairman: Klaus Niemsch
Deputy Chairman: Jan Biering
Treasurer: VLB Berlin, Financial Accounting
Auditors: Manfred Staruß (Berlin), Michael Solkowski (Potsdam)

The objective of this association is to increase the network of all VLB students and other graduates at the Institute for Fermentation and Biotechnology.

News: Roof of the Berlin Brewers' Guild House refurbished
News: VLB graduates' gallery has found a new place
News: Report - General Assembly July 2023

Vereinigung ehem. VLBer, c/o VLB Berlin
Tel. +49 30 450 80-292
Fax +49 30 453 60 69

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Information about the membership at the VLB Alumni Association