Vereinigung ehem. VLBer - become a member!
Vereinigung ehem. VLBer - become a member!


Declaration of accession
I hereby wish to become a member of the Association of Former VLBers.
I was
The minimum contribution is € 15.00 per year. However, you are welcome to pay more. A higher contribution can be revoked for the coming calendar year. The minimum contribution will then apply.

We ask for your understanding that we can only confirm your acceptance as a member when your first membership fee has been received in our postal giro account or at our PayPal account. The minimum membership fee for one year is currently € 15.00, must be paid by you at the beginning of the calendar year without any further payment reminder (no invoicing on the part of the association!).

Direct debit
I hereby authorise the former VLBer Association to debit my above membership fee once a year from my account indicated below. Furthermore, I confirm that I am the owner of this account.
According to the current statutes, the membership fee is due at the beginning of each calendar year.
Membership shall be terminated by resignation, of which the Executive Board must be notified in writing, by expulsion or by death. The membership fees shall be paid in full for the year in which the resignation takes place.