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    • All you need to know about beer brewing - 5th English Edition
      Wolfgang Kunze
      5th revised English Edition, August 2014, 960 Pages, Hardcover
    • Raw grain adjuncts – Sugars and sugar syrups – Malt substitutes
      Gerolf Annemüller / Hans-J. Manger
      1st English Edition, Sep 2013, 164 Pages, Hardcover
    • Technological Calculations, Benchmarks and Correlations for Process Optimization
      Gerolf Annemüller / Hans-J. Manger
      1. English Edition 2017, 366p, Paperback
    • Management, Pure yeast cultures, Propagation
      Gerolf Annemüller, Hans-J. Manger, Peter Lietz
      2nd English edition, February 2018, 462 p., hardcover, s/w, about 210 figures, 140 tables

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    • Event that is already reference in Latin America for the brewing and beverage sector returns to Brazil, this time to Recife in Pernambuco with the support of the local breweries.
      24.09.2018 - 26.09.2018
      Recife, Brasil
    • Seminar on sensory techniques and off-flavours and their application in quality Management
      26.09.2018 - 28.09.2018
      Berlin, Germany