Sensory Analysis
Sensory Analysis

Sensory analysis is an independent scientific discipline in which products are tested and evaluated using the human sensory organs. Independent sensory evaluation provides valuable information for food marketers and product developers, as well as for quality assurance, research and development groups. The combination of suitable sensory infrastructure, in conjunction with a trained sensory panel and the appropriate testing methodology, allows valuable results and insights to be obtained.

At the VLB, qualified technical staff, modern premises and analysis software, as well as a well-trained and experienced sensory panel with a broad portfolio of sensory methods can be accessed.

Sensory services (extract):
To meet the challenges of a rapidly developing growth market, we offer a wide range of methods for individual requirements:

  • Difference tests (e.g. Pairwise Comparison Test, Duo-Trio Test, Triangle Test, Ranking Test and Difference From Control (DFC) Test).
  • Descriptive tests (Simple Descriptive Test, Consensus Profiling and Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA))
  • Technical quality assessment (tasting according to DLG 5-point Scheme®)

Our services support customers in answering the following problems:

  • "Fingerprinting" of the product profile
  • Product development of classic and innovative beverages
  • Shelf-life testing
  • Monitoring of quality control
  • Product contamination
  • Product changes during storage, transport or production processes

Sensory panel:
At VLB, we have access to a large in-house panel. Our sensory experts are, among others, DLG-certified experts for the following product groups:

  • Beer and mixed beer beverages
  • Spirits
  • Non-alcoholic soft-drinks (CSD)


  • Sensory testing room with 12 individual booths and adjoining preparation room
  • Discussion room for focus group discussions
  • Modern IT equipment and powerful sensory analysis software
  • Statistical evaluation of results (univariate/multivariate)
  • Individual sensory product panels and tester groups
  • Additional spacious training and event rooms available

Sensory seminars:
The range of sensory seminars rounds off our portfolio. The sensory training courses range from the basics to product-specific special knowledge and intensive training. In addition, our seminars also deal with the application of various test procedures, the building up and training of a sensory panel.

The courses can be held in Berlin or individually tailored as in-house seminars on site.

Memberships and cooperation partners

  • German Sensory Society (DGSens)
  • German Agricultural Society (DLG)

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