News Overview
The VLB Testing Laboratory for Packaging was integrated into the Research Institute for Management and Beverage Logistics (FIM). 
On 23 July, the 20 participants of our Certified Brewmaster Course 2021 received their certificates.
In the first half of 2021 VLB was able to win some new members again...
Dr. Martin Orzinski supports the VLB on the strategic development of its activities in the field of beverage packaging and in the organisation of the next VLB Packaging Conference (VPC)
Dr. Martin Senz is the new representative of VLB at the ISBT, an international society dedicated to the scientific and technical aspects of the non-alcoholic beverage industry.
The VLB has seized an opportunity and set up the 1st VLB International Brewing Web Conference (IBWC), at which participants from all over the world were online guests in Berlin from December 1st to 3rd, 2020.
On February 1 2021, Jan Biering took over the operational management of  the VLB Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production (FIBGP).
Dr. Roland Pahl, head of the FIBGP, left VLB at the end of January at his own request. He will join Pall Corporation, a global specialist in filtration, separation and processing.
On 7 December, the VLB General Assembly unanimously elected the Technical Director of Warsteiner Group, Ulrich Brendel, to the administrative board
As of 1 November 2020 Dr. Martin Senz will be the new Head of the VLB Research Institute for Biotechnology and Water