Research Institute for Biotechnology and Water (FIBW)

The Research Institute for Biotechnology and Water is structured in the

  • Department for Bioprocess Engineering and Applied Microbiology (BEAM)
  • Department for Water Quality, Management and Technology (WMT)


Our fields of activity

Various microbiological, water and biotechnological research projects are carried out as part of publicly funded R&D projects and in close cooperation with industry. Water is considered both as a qualitatively important medium and as a processing aid. The development and optimization of fermentation processes plays a central role. Using selected microorganisms from the institute's extensive collection of strains, a wide variety of biotechnology, beverage and food technology topics are dealt with and corresponding processes are developed. As part of the various research activities, there is the possibility of completing theses and internships. Current calls can be found on the job portal (link:, unsolicited applications are also possible.


The Research Institute for Biotechnology and Water is closely linked to the teaching activities of the overall VLB. The focal points of the institute in training range from microbiological aspects in the brewing and beverage industry to microbiological quality control in theory and practice. Knowledge of culture media and the cultivation and control of microorganisms as well as the corresponding microbiological lab work and the analysis methods associated with it is also imparted.