RI for Raw Materials (FIR)
Research Institute for Raw Materials (FIR)

The VLB Research Institute for Raw Materials offers

  • research
  • consultancy
  • analyses

covering all aspects of cereal based  raw materials for brewing and malting purposes.

  • Analysis and assessment of malting barley, wheat and other cereals
  • Varietal testing and recommendations worldwide: Spring barley, winter barley, wheat
  • Varietal identification of barley and malt in commercial samples using protein electrophoresis and DNA diagnostics
  • Malt analysis: Evaluation of the technical quality of cereals involving hand evaluation, grain and malt analysis
  • Enzyme analysis: Amylase, Grenzdextrinase limit dextrinase, protease, glucanase, xylase, LOX
  • Micro maltings: (2 g to 200 kg) according to standard of or customized malting programms
  • Examination of the hygienic status of malting cereals and malt – mould contamination, mycotoxins, gushing
  • Residue  analysis: Heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants
  • Contract research in all areas of the production of raw materials for breeders, farmers, grain traders and the malting and  brewing industry

Accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, DAkkS Reg. Nr.: D-PL-14173-01-00