Research & Development

FIR conducts always several research & development projects – independently as well as in national and international co-operation.


  • Characterisation of the quality properties of malting barley on the basis of expression studies of the quality-relevant genes
  • Characterisation of the genetic basis for varietal differences in LOX-activities
  • Clarification of the physiological, enzymatic and genetic causes for varietal differences in the cell-wall modification of winter malting barleys
  • ‘Exotics project' - Screening for biodiversity in barley genotypes to ascertain favourable enzyme capabilities

NIR spectroscopie

  • Development of a Single-Kernel-Analysis to evaluate grain and malt samples on the basis of  NIR-spectroscopy
  • Use of NIR-Spectroscopy (inline-Measurements) for process control in malthouses and breweries
  • Use of NIR-Single-kernel-analysis to predict the mycotoxins concentration of cereals and malt samples (in preparation)
  • Development of a  NIR-based rapid method to determine mycotoxins

other projects

  • PCR-assisted evaluation process for mineral and tap water
  • Improving barley and malt qualities by using Precision-Farming-Methods
  • Proteomics - Identification of quality relevant proteins in barley und malt (in preparation)
  • Improved analysis of Alternaria-toxins using immuno-affinity columns und screening-investigations (in preparation)
  • Development of a modified malt analysis on the basis of a practice-relevant mashing procedure