Training Beer Filtration and Stabilisation
Training Beer Filtration and Stabilisation

Practical course on beer filtration and stabilisation

Beer filtration and stabilisation in theory and practice are the focus of this five-day intensive course. The team of our Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production, supported by external guest lecturers, will impart the latest knowledge on the technology, operation, accompanying quality assurance and optimisation of this important process step in the brewing process. The conceptual division of the course into lectures, laboratory practicals and practical trials in our modern Wilfried Rinke Brewery Technology Centre enables an effective transfer of knowledge with a strong practical orientation. A performance review with a certificate of participation concludes this advanced training. The event is held in English.

This training course is the second in our series "VLB-Praxiskurse", which is aimed at practitioners from breweries and the beverage industry. Currently, a course on microbiological working methods is on offer, other topics (brewhouse, fermentation, bottling) will follow. Due to the large proportion of practical exercises in the laboratory and in the brewery pilot plant, the number of participants in the course is limited. This allows for intensive supervision and maximum success of this advanced training. We would also like to point out that topic-specific basic knowledge of the brewing and filtration process is a prerequisite for all participants.Course price per module: 3000 € per person, 10 % discount for VLB members, plus VAT if applicable / travel expenses if applicable.

Contents of the VLB Expert Course "Beer Filtration":

Theoretical consolidation:

  • Conventional beer filtration
  • Alternative filtration methods
  • Filterability: Influences / Evaluation / Effects
  • Beer stabilisation: Basics
  • Equipment & filtration aids
  • Measurement technology & automation in filtration
  • Filtration-specific quality control
  • Flavour stability
  • Filtration problems
  • High Gravity Brewing

Practical consolidation:

  • Filtration by means of precoat layer filter
  • Filtration by means of precoat candle filter
  • Filtration by means of cross-flow membrane filter
  • Separation
  • Filtration-specific analytics: Turbidity measurement / turbidity identification (basics)
  • Beer parameter determination
  • Basics of microbiological analysis: Colony forming units (CFU) determination / cell counting / sampling

The next Training will take place from December 11 to 15, 2023 at VLB Berlin