„Real Craft Brewing“ - Brewing like 1900

Veranstaltungsort Reinsdorf/Vielau, Germany
Veranstaltungsdatum 12. Sep 2018 - 14. Sep 2018

A unique craft brewing experience - brewing like 100 years ago

You are interested in traditional brewing?
You’ve asked yourself how beer did taste a century ago?
If yes, then don’t hesitate to take this rare opportunity for a time journey into the history of brewing!

The Brauerei Vielau, located close to Zwickau in Saxony, was firstly mentioned in a document in 1538. After comprehensive restoration works it was re-established as a technical monument in 2012. The brewery uses traditional brewing technology such as wood heating, a coolship, Baudelot cooler and open fermenters. During our workshop “A real craft brewing experience” we offer you to take part in a complete brew with this traditional equipment. The course includes two overnight stays in a hotel nearby, transportation from Berlin, catering and beer (of course!).

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