Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratory is your competent partner for the chemical-technical analysis of (non-alcoholic) beers, beer intermediates (wort), mixed beer beverages, non-alcoholic (soft drinks), filter aids and hops.

Analysis of beer and filter aids

  • Classic beer analysis: e.g. original gravity, alcohol, bitterness, foam stability by methods of MEBAK, EBC and ASBC
  • Elemental analysis: Heavy metals, beer-soluble parts of filter aids, trace analysis by ICP-MS
  • Flavor analysis: Aroma compounds in hops, fermentation by-products, sulfuric compounds, aging carbonyls by GC
  • Determination of nutritional value: BIG7, vitamins
  • Certificates of free sale: Analysis, microbiology, sensory evaluation and declaration check
  • Analysis of sugars: Sugar range by HPLC and enzymatic tests
  • Isotonic beverages by osmometry

Analytics of hops

  • alfa- and beta-acids, (reduced) iso-a-acids by HPLC
  • Determination of total oil content, analysis of single aroma compounds
  • Polyphenols, xanthohumol
  • Elemental analysis
  • Nitrate, nitrite