Project „New VLB training centre in Berlin"

In 2009 VLB Berlin had received a funding commitment of more than 25 million € for a new facility for training and education in Berlin. The new building will accommodate  about 6,000 m² floor space of facilities such as major parts of the VLB pilot plants, laboratories and seminar rooms.

Webcam view on the construction site of the new VLB training centre (updated daily)

What already has happend:

March 2016
The inner works are continuing.

December 2015
The inner works are continuing. The clinker facade is in progress. Ventilation aggregates are delivered and installed.

October 2015
The inner works are continuing. The contract for the new pilot brewery is awarded to the company Esau & Hueber ---> News.

March 2015
Beginn of the interior construction works

February 2015
The carcass construction is ready.

June 2014
The construction works have started.

October 2013
Laying of the foundation stone

January 2011
Break down of some of the old buildings on the premisis has begun

November/December 2010
Public tender and negotiations for technical planning and structural planning

August 2010
The Berlin authority for Wirtschaft, Technologie und Frauen grants another public fund for pulling down and infrastucturla works

Juli 2010
Public tender and negotioations with the three winning architects from the competition. The draft of Gerber Architekten, Dortmund, was choosen.

May 2010
Start of the project planning with project management by Procon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Bremen

April 2010
The Berlin authorities grant a ground lease for 30 years for the required space of 6000 m² for the new building

June to October 2009
Public architectural competition for the design of the training centre of the VLB Berlin

March 2009
Funding commitment by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technik und Frauen