VLB Beer Taster Certification Program
26.09.2018 - 28.09.2018

VLB Berlin, Seestraße 13
13353 Berlin



Target Group:  Professionals with limited experience in sensory analysis, seeking to improve and certify their skills

Aim:  Theoretical and practical preparation leading to certifi cation of beer tasting ability

Language: English

The basis of an effective sensory regimen is welltrained staff who are equipped with the skills to detect changes to a product throughout the production process or during its shelf-life.

While technical instruments are used in chemical analysis, the human senses are the essential tools in sensory evaluation, and regular training is an important feature to maintain consistency and

As an independent institute, the Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB) offers the VLB Beer Taster Certification Program, which enables participants to both refresh and certify their skills in this field.

The three-day program will provide a refresher of theoretical foundations combined with practical exercises, followed by a comprehensive exam that will, upon successful completion, lead to the award of a cerificate by the VLB. This certificate has a validity of 5 years.

Course fee: € 850


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Day 2
Day 3




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