Technical Sensory Analysis - Beer Seminar

Event Venue Berlin, Germany
Event Date 10. May 2017 - 11. May 2017

Sensory analysis is a critical tool in determining the quality of a beer. The interplay of the olfactory, gustatory, and visual sensory influences encompasses a wealth of useful technical information. These sensory factors are also a major driving force in the potential success or failure of a product on the market.

The basis of an effective sensory regimen is well trained staff, who are able to detect changes and potential problems throughout the production process and the shelf life of a product. This seminar covers the basics of sensory along with a presentation of typical beer faults. It also covers different sensory testing schemas and how they can be effectively applied to address various quality questions or uncover potential problems.
A final session will present a short sensory excursion into the ever popular world of craft beer.

This course is designed for those who deal with sensory evaluation as a part of their normal responsibilities.

Seminar Location: VLB Berlin, Seestrasse 13, 13353 Berlin

Course Size: Max. 14 Participants

Course Price: 590 € plus tax

Target Group: Beer Industry Professionals and Personel involved in Sensory

Aim: An advanced understanding of sensory techniques and off-flavours and their application in quality management

Johannes Fuchs,
Aidan Griffiths,

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