Craft Drinks India 2019 - VLB Workshop
03.07.2019 - 04.07.2019

Manpho Convention Centre, Manyata Tech Park Road
Bengaluru, India


Technical Workshop on Microbial Quality Assurance

This workshop is part of the Craft Drinks India, taking place on 3-4 July 2019, at the Manpho Convention Centre, Manyata Tech Park Road, Bengaluru, India.

Session 1 - Microbial Quality Assurance Plan

  • Setting up a microbial quality assurance plan
  • Sampling, detection of contaminants microbial sampling in the brewery, weak points in breweries
  • Practical Block- Sampling in the brew house and in the laboratory

Session 2 – Beer Spoilage Bacteria

  • Introduction to beer spoilage bacteria
  • Characterisation, classification and identification of microorganisms with relevance to beer
  • Practical Block- Introduction to beer spoilage bacteria

This seminar covers the basics in applied microbiology with an introduction to typical beer spoilage microorganisms. It also offers a basic overview as to how to set up a quality assurance plan in relation to microbiology in a brewery. Thereby allowing breweries to effectively address quality questions or uncover potential problems.


  • Gayatri Mehta, M.Sc. Biosciences, Research Associate at VLB Berlin,
  • Jan Biering, Dipl.-Ing. Brewing Engineering, Research Associate and Senior Consultant at VLB Berlin


A registration for this workshop is mandatory. Fee INR 5000 plus taxes. More information and registration at