Spendrups Bryggeri (Sweden)
The Spendrups Bryggeri is a family business that combines traditions with innovation. The brewery, founded in 1897 in Grängesberg, central Sweden, is run by the 5th generation of the Spendrups family. Today, the head office is in Vårby near Stockholm with production sites in Grängesberg, Hällefors and Visby. In total, Spendrups produces around 1.9 mio hl of beer and 2.2 mio hl of non-alcoholic beverages. The beer and beverage portfolio includes brands such as Mariestad, Norrland's Guld, Heineken, Loka, Schweppes and Briska. But there are also wines from Cono Sur, Gallo or Boschendal distributed. Spendrups subsidiaries are a.o. Spring Wine & Spirits, Gotland's Bryggeri, Hellefors Brewery and the logistics company BIBAB. With 950 employees, the group has an annual turnover of 3.4 billion Swedish kroner (about 341 million €).


Dr. Roland Pahl, VLB, Richard Bengtsson, Brewmaster Spendrups, and Dr. Josef Fontaine, VLB

Brunswick Bierworks (Canada)
The brewery in Ontario, Canada, focuses on local and global brewers who want to produce high-quality beer locally for the Canadian and North American markets. Brunswick Bierworks offers its know-how, brewing technology and sales support. A 50 hl plant and a modern 20 hl pilot plant are available, which can also be used for product development. The brewing equipment comes from the Canadian provider Newlands System (NSI).


Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide, Brunswick Bierworks, and Dr. Josef Fontaine, VLB

Elmir Brewery (Lebanon)
The Elmir-Brewery (Meem) is located in Matn near Beirut, Lebanon. The Craft Brewery has a 10-hl plant from Impiantinox / Easy Bräu (Italy). For the beginning, the brewery plans to brew Pilsner, Amber Ale and IPA, which will later be supplemented by seasonal recipes. The distribution takes place via the own brewery pub. Initially barrels will be offered for the gastronomy, the sales of bottled beer is scheduled in a second step.


Giovanni Angelini (Impiantinox), Jan Biering, VLB, Noel Abinader (Founder), Chris Fadel (Brewmaster), Marc Bou Zeidan (Brewmaster) (f.l.)