How can breweries minimise their consumption of resources? What are the challenges in fermentation technology to be mastered? What's new in the field of brewing raw materials? These and other questions will be discussed at this year's October meeting of the VLB Berlin, on 8 and 9 October 2012 in Berlin.

The prestigious conference for executives from breweries, malt houses, the beverage industry and suppliers offers again a wide range of technical, technological and commodity-related topics. The Techncial Session this year is focused on the optimisation of energy consumption and waste water treatment in the brewing industry , on analytical aspects of process optimisation and on insights in the field of fermentation technology. Also on the agenda is the 41st International Malting Barley Seminar. This session focuses on current issues in the fields of malting barley markets, malting barley research and breeding. The language of the Technical Session and the Malting Barley Seminar is German and English.

The VLB October Convention is accompanied by an exhibition and an attractive by-program with room for discussions and networking. The organisers are expecting again more than 400 participants in Berlin.

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