The team of the Paulaner Brewery around Dr. Stefan Lustig, Managing Director Technology, played a decisive role in the success of the conference. In seven lectures they introduced the conception of the new building, its technical equipment as well as the energy supply, filling technology and logistics. In this way, the Paulaner project “was a bit of the setting for this years’ VLB spring meeting”, as Dr. Stefan Lustig explained.
As traditional part of the VLB spring conference also the Technical Scientific Committee (TSC) met in Munich for its regular meeting.

The new Paulaner Brewery
After the lectures on Tuesday, the visit of the new Paulaner Brewery in Munich Langwied set another highlight. There, the impressive dimensions of the € 300 million project were experienced in real. After about 6 years from the first plan sketches to the complete commissioning last year, Paulaner presented an impressive 3.5 million hectoliters brewery on an area of 15 hectares. They combine conventional technology with modern plants to brew beers that are exactly the same as the traditional character of Paulaner.

"Nessi", Technology and Raw Materials
On Wednesday, three other focus areas were on the agenda. The first one was dedicated to the innovative lauter technique "Nessi" introduced by Ziemann Holvrieka. Then the latest trends in technique and technology were discussed. Finally, two presentations on brewing barley and yeast were held.

Bavarian hospitality
The 104th Brewing and Engineering Conference was rounded off by an accompanying exhibition at the Sheraton Hotel and two communicative evening events. One of them took place at the Paulaner's Wirtshaus in the Westin Grand Hotel Munich. Here it was once again shown that the Bavarian hospitality with its culinary treats and good beer is rightly appreciated worldwide.