MicroBrew Symposium South Africa 2016 (MBSSA)

Event Venue Johannesburg, South Africa
Event Date 13. Sep 2016

13 September 2016, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa

The attendance is limited to 80 participants. It seems as if we reach this number, soon!! Online registration is strongly recommended as we cannot guarantee available places in the morning of the event.

Target group
The MicroBrew Symposium South Africa is an event that addresses craft brewers from South Africa and its neighbouring countries. The topics are focused on technological and quality aspects of craft beer brewing on a professional level. In addition some local success stories will be presented and discussed. Our aim is to share concentrated brewing education to improve brewing quality and performance as well as providing a platform for networking and communication.

The event takes place on the 13 September 2016 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Gauteng (Johannesburg), South Africa, directly preceding the "food & drink technology Africa" trade show. It addresses owners, brewers and brewmasters from craft and pub breweries  as well as their suppliers. Ambitious home brewers and start-up brewers are also warmly welcome.

In line with the symposium’s international character, the presentation language is English.

Schedule (details see below)
Tuesday, 13 September 2016
9:00–18:00 Technical sessions: Brewing technology, product development, yeast strains and yeast management, fermentation control, raw materials, equipment, quality aspects, field reports/success stories
18:00–21:00  Get-together with craft beer & food

Attendance fees for brewers, maltsters, start-ups:
Thanks to our sponsors we are able to extend the deadline for the early bird discount. In order to benefit from this discount, payment with credit card is mandatory.
until 2 Sept 2016: 50 € (ca. 800 R)
from 3 Sept 100 € (ca. 1600 R)
Payment on-site (cash only): 1700 R (The attendance is limited to 80 participants. It seems as if we reach this number, soon!! Online registration is strongly recommended as we cannot guarantee available places in the morning of the event.)
VAT: 0%

Attendance fees for supplyers, consultants and others:
250 € (ca. 4,000 R), advance payment vith credit card madatory

- including light lunch and drinks during the breaks and in the evening
- free admission to the food & drink technology Africa trade show on 14 & 15 September

Register online here or subscribe to our mailing list if you wish to be kept informed regarding the MicroBrew Symposium.

Juliane Rahl and Olaf Hendel

  • Tuesday, 13. September 2016
    Show Program
    08:00 - 21:00
    MBSSA - Technical Session
    Markets & Trends & Strategy / Raw materials – Malt, hops, water, yeast / Brewing technology / Quality / Beer styles/ Practice reports
    Start Program & Speakers
    Beginn Registration
    Chair: Burghard Meyer (VLB Berlin)
    Welcome & Introduction
    Burghard Meyer (VLB Berlin)
    Markets & Trends: The craft beer scene in South Africa – Developments, challenges, prospects
    Lucy Corne (Beer and Travel Writer, South Africa, Author of “African Brew” and “Beer Safari”)
    Raw materials – Malt: Weyermann® Specialty Malts – Creating individual craft beers with the world’s widest range of specialty malts
    Sebastian Meyer (Dematech, distributor for Weyermann® Malzfabrik in South Africa)
    Raw materials – Hops: The brewer produces the beer and the hops create the aroma – important aspects of dry hopping
    Willi Mitter (Hopsteiner, Germany)
    Engineering: A craft brewer’s journey from concept to reality with a professional partner
    Oliver Jakob (GEA Brewery Systems)
    Brewing technology: Formation of aroma compounds during fermentation - Effects, control, range
    Burghard Meyer (VLB Berlin)
    Lunch break
    Chairman: Anton Erasmus (SAB Miller)
    Practice report: Starting a craft brewery / brewpub – Do’s & Dont’s
    Imke Pape (Brewer, Brauhaus am Damm, South Africa)
    Brewing technology: Active dry yeast – Demystification, concepts, and illustrations
    Stéphane Meulemans (Fermentis)
    Quality: Establishing a quality system in a craft brewery
    Jan Biering (VLB Berlin)
    Practice report: My journey of discovery – 20 years of craft brewing in South Africa
    Moritz Kallmeyer (Founder and Owner of Drayman’s Brewery, South Africa)
    Product development: From recipe to rollout – Critical points of a successful product development
    Jan Biering (VLB Berlin)
    Beer styles: Brewing German beer styles - Hefeweizen, Koelsch, Alt, Berliner Weisse and others
    Burghard Meyer (VLB Berlin)
    Market & Strategy: “Inventions Reinvented” – Crafting Beer Crafting Business
    Wes Boshoff (Thought Leader, Fivestar Business Rehab, South Africa)
    End of technical session
    Craft beers, snacks and communication in the lobby
    subject to change