8th Ibero-American VLB Symposium 2017 in Guatemala

Event Venue Guatemala City
Event Date 23. Oct 2017 - 25. Oct 2017

In October 2017 VLB invites one more time to a Symposium of brewing and filling technology dedicated to the Ibero-American brewing and beverage industry.

After six years (Mexico 2011), the VLB congress returns to Central America. In this eighth edition, Guatemala has been chosen as the venue, which will allow – through the geographical proximity - to enhance ties between the Central American and the Caribbean breweries and industries.


  • Raw materials: Market situation, quality
  • Brewing process optimization
  • Brewhouse, fermentation & filtration: Current, actually issues
  • Sustainability: Energy saving & environmental aspects
  • Filling, packaging & logistic optimizations
  • Cleaning & disinfection

Contact: Roberto Biurrun

Technical visit to Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A.

- subject to change -

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  • Monday, 23. October 2017
    Show Program
    11:00 - 23:30
    Program Monday, 23rd October 2017
    Start Program & Speakers
    Registration at conference hotel Intercontinental
    Start of busses to visit Cervecería Centroamericana C.A.
    Welcome party at Cervecería Centroamericana C.A. Headquarters (Courtesy of CCA)
    Start of transport back to the hotel Intercontinental
    Subject to change
  • Tuesday, 24. October 2017
    Tuesday, 24th October 2017
    Start Program & Speakers
    Welcome and introduction
    Josef Fontaine (VLB Berlin)
    Session 1
    Chair: Roberto Biurrun (VLB Berlin)
    Hop aroma in beer, influenced by filtration?
    Frank Peifer (Hopsteiner)
    Quality evaluation of malting barley varieties – Trends and developments
    Henrike Vorwerk (VLB Berlin)
    Rediscovering husk separation
    Marc Eckert (Bühler)
    Glyphosate & Co.: Current results on the behaviour of pesticides during malting and brewing
    Henrike Vorwerk (VLB Berlin)
    Coffee break with accompanying exhibition
    Session 2
    Mash filters optimization : Malt equivalent and filtration coefficient concept
    Rafael Tigel (Landaluce)
    Wort boiling: Time and Costs vs. Quality aspects; Interdependence and trends
    Roberto Biurrun (VLB Berlin)
    The transformation of old tradition – a novel brewhouse concept
    Natalia Svedlund (Ziemann-Holvrieka)
    Lunch break with accompanying exhibition
    Session 3
    Practice Evaluation of de use of gallotannins as part of a project for beer shelf life extension in the market
    Pedro Beomont (Cervecería Regional)
    Shelf-life and consistency of active dry yeast for breweries
    Marcelo Cerdán (Fermentis-Lesafre)
    Monitoring beer fermentation by refractometry
    Helga Gschwind (Anton-Paar)
    Extract losses and simple approaches to their reduction
    Deniz Bilge (VLB Berlin)
    Coffee break with accompanying exhibition
    Bustransfer to “Casa del Àguila”
    “Come together” at “Casa del Àguila”
    Courtesy of Cervecería el Príncipe Gris
    Bustransfer back to Conference Hotel
    Subject to change
  • Wednesday, 25. October 2017
    Wednesday, 25th October 2017
    Start Program & Speakers
    Session 4
    Nisin and its uses in a brewery: Possible use of brewing byproducts for Nisin production?
    Fabiola Grijalva (Cervecería Centroamericana)
    Lipids in Beer
    Nils Rettberg (VLB Berlin)
    Coffee break with accompanying exhibition
    Session 5
    Product diversity meets quality control – Nobody said it was easy
    Nils Rettberg (VLB Berlin)
    PVPP-caustic re-use in CIP-applications
    Deniz Bilge (VLB Berlin)
    CO2 Recovery Plant Technologies
    Gabriel Rodriguez (Pentair)
    Coffee break with accompanying exhibition
    Session 6
    Coffee break with accompanying exhibition
    Session 7
    Chair: Roberto Biurrun (VLB Berlin)
    New approaches to conservation of water resource in breweries
    Stefan Reimann (VLB Berlin)
    Corrosion: Causes, consequences and associated costs
    Stefan Reimann (VLB Berlin)
    Final words, closing toast
    End of the conference
    Subject to change