Head of Department: Dr. –Ing. Nils Rettberg

The Research Institute for Special Analyses (FIS) focusses on the instrumental analysis of beer, beer mixed beverages, and process intermediates. In the field of raw materials, the comprehensive analysis of valuable hop compounds and the analysis of lipids from barley, barley malt, as well as alternative starch sources complement the analytical services of the Central Laboratory (ZL) and the Research Institute for Raw Materials (FIR).

FIS handles analytical questions beyond the needs of analytical standard procedures (e.g. MEBAK, EBC or ASBC). We offer custom made or fitted analytical assays, that meet the demands of complex questions related to modern beer and beverage production. Our expertise covers the isolation, separation, characterization, and quantification of aroma compounds and their precursors from complex matrices.

Our workflow covers (a) the extraction and isolation of analytical targets from complex matrices, (b) their chromatographic separation and identification, as well as (c) their precise quantification

Our interdisciplinary team of brewing technologists, biotechnologists, chemists, and food chemists welcomes to support you. 

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Head of Department

  • Dr. Sarah Thörner
    Head of Department Special Analysis, focus: aroma analysis
    +49 30 45080-250