Analytical Laboratory (FIR)

Analyses of cereals and malt are centralised at our Research Institute for Raw Materials. Modern equipment, trained personnel and extensive experience guarantees optimal results at competetive prices. All analyses are conducted on the basis of current specifications (e.g. MEBAK, EBC).

Our testing laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, DAkkS Reg. Nr.: D-PL-14173-01-00.

Analyses of barley, wheat and other cereals

  • Mechanical analyses
    e.g. volume weight, sieving tests (MEBAK or EBC), thousand kernel weight
  • Physiological analyses
    e.g. germinative energy, germinative capacity, water sensitivity
  • Grain condition
    e.g. pregermination, grain anomalities, detection of moulds or grain pests
  • Contents
    e.g. protein, crude fibre, fat, starch, water
  • Variety indentification (Elektrophoresis)
  • Group analyses
    e.g. sieving test, protein, germinative energy
  • Micro maltings (50 g to 50 kg)

Analyses of malt and grind

    • Mechanical and physiological analyses 
      e.g. hand assessment, sieving tests, acrospire length, volume weight
    • Micromalting
      Mikro- and minimalting (batch sizes: 50 g, 500 g, 25 kg)
    • Extraction
      e.g. masching (Congress, Hartong) malt extract, final attenuation
    • Cell wall modification
      e.g. friability, homogeniety, β-glucan, extract difference
    • Proteolytic modification
      e.g. total nitrogen of malt, soluble nitrogen, kolbach index, α-amino nitrogen
    • Enzyme activity
      e.g. α-/β amylase, diastatic power, limit dextrinase, liopxigenase, LOX, glucanase
    • Analyses of congress and hartong mash
      e.g. DMS precursor, turbidity, pH, colour, viscosity
    • Variety indentification (Elektrophoresis)
    • Other analyses
      e.g. roughage, gushing, moulds, toxine, EPS test (fusarium), oxalate, malting additives, thiobarbituric acid number
    • Group analyses of malt
      e.g. standard and extended malt analysis, cytolytic and proteolytic modification, hartong analysis

    DNA diagnostics

    • Isolation of plant DNA
      e.g. cereals, malt, grist, flour, seeds, fruits, roots, leaves, seedings
    • Isolation of fungal DNA
      e.g. pure liquid culture or agar plates, contaminted cereals and processed cereals, contamiated food and foodstuff
    • Molecular diagnostics plants/microorganisms
      e.g. genotyping of plants and funghi, PCR analysis, development of markers for palnt breeding, indentification of cereal varieties, PCD-based indentification of beer spoilage organisms, gen charaterisation
    • Customised PCR strategies
      e.g. design and check of PCR primers, set-up and optimisation of PCR protocols for LightCycler

    Special and toxine analyses

    • Aflatoxine (B1, B2, G1, G2)
    • Ochratoxine A
    • Zearalenon
    • Doxynivalenol
    • Fumosin B1 + B2
    • HT2/T2-Toxin
    • Patulin
    • Heavy metals
    • Pesticides (GC / LC-MS/MS)
    • Dioxine
    • NDMA